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This website adds context to my skill set and work principles and showcases a small portion of my most recent work.



Proximie is a real-time augmented reality powered surgical collaboration tool. Surgeons can dial into the operating theatre from anywhere in the world using their mobile phone or laptop computer. It's mainly used for live surgical guidance but also training and skills assessment purposes.

Warning: Surgical Content


Helping people succeed is at the core of my motivation, whether the people using the products or my fellow team members. I contribute to making them feel valued and give them opportunities to shine.



With the Blueair app, users can control their Blueair connected purifiers and monitor indoor air quality from their smartphones. Using the app gives them total control of the air they breathe.


I love creating clean, functional and no-fuss experiences that make a tangible difference in people’s lives, focusing on tying user and business goals together within the innovation space.



The Blueair website was an extensive project. The site served as a brochure for all air purifiers and accessories and gave customers the information and the tools to help them choose the best devices for their needs. It also served as an e-commerce purchasing experience and a support and device monitoring tool for internal staff. The site was rolled out globally to over 50 countries.


I love embracing emerging technologies to find impactful humanitarian solutions.  My projects all have this as the central theme.



Phonetradr's mission is to decrease the global carbon footprint left as consumers upgrade their phones. The platform allowed for various innovative solutions to accomplish this. At its core, the experience allowed for trading, purchase and repair of devices. I was the design lead for the brand and web app. I also helped with the service design of administrational processes to ease the load on staff and keep clients informed throughout the process.

design VISION

Portraying a clear and concise design vision is essential for team alignment and focus on the bigger picture; this enhances goal setting and helps to guide autonomous decision-making, and keeps the team motivated. To be effective, a design and product vision should be simple and easy to communicate.

Juan Coleman