Juan Coleman



DATE: August 2016 - January 2017

Phonetradr’s mobile landing page (below)


Phonetradr is an online trading platform and marketplace. The company believes that pre-loved phones, tablets and wearables can be recycled into the market to reduce the carbon footprint of the mobile phone market. The platform allows clients to buy and sell and get instant quotes for devices. Upon an agreed price, the platform automatically arranges for the appropriate packaging to be sent to the client, running them through what’s needed to ensure the device arrives in good shape. Once the phone arrives at a Phonetradr lab, the phone is inspected and assessed by the Phonetradr technical team, who then assign a grade according to its condition. If a device needs repair, the client is notified, and they can then either choose to have the phone repaired before it’s put on the marketplace to achieve a higher price or sell as is, with its faults listed. I led the design in terms of branding, brand tone and voice, and the responsive web experience and the service design for the customer touchpoints like purchasing, repair, and the customer facing logistics involved with all processes.


The Phonetradr team at the start was small; I mainly worked with the CEO, support teams and other Phonetradr staff to design the service around user-centric best practices. The quality of service had to be of a high standard if this was to succeed. I first started with research, then began mapping flows for the experience, then moved to wire-framing. I did an extensive amount of prototyping and testing throughout the project, which tool a mobile-first approach. I also helped with the marketing and the design for all collaterals and trained and led a team of designers to optimise graphics of phone models in various colours- adding custom screen graphics to be more on brand. We also wanted to allow for front, back, and side photos for the purchasing client to have the best possible view of the phone, and I had a team dedicated to this alone as we were dealing with thousands of devices.

Below is a video showing the device quoting module.

Juan Coleman