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I am currently residing in Stockholm Sweden and consulting on projects as an UI/UX designer with emphasis on IoT and E-commerce solutions as well as UX strategy. Besides design and creating experiences I love music, sound and bringing people together. Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to get in touch to chat about any interesting projects.


About Me


This is me!

Thanks for taking some time to have a look through my featured projects!

 Designing Experiences

Something has always drawn me to design, user experience and music – I started by career studying advertising and design in Cape Town, South Africa at the AAA School of Advertising.

 Digital Things

I like working on emerging technologies and IoT products and I specialise in UX, UI and all things connected. I am currently living in Sweden and consult through a company called Skukuza.


When I was younger I pursued a career in music alongside my design. Music has taken me on a journey that I could reminisce over for decades, especially if beer is involved.


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