About Me


Thanks for taking some time to have a look through my website!

 Designing Experiences

Something has always drawn me to design and music – I studied advertising and specialised in design at the AAA School of Advertising in Cape Town, South Africa. Following this, I did an internship at Wicked Pixels animation studio. I also conceptualised and co-ordinated over 60 multi-genre music events.

 Digital Things

I love working on emerging technologies and currently I specialise in a mix of UX and UI design. I have recently moved from Stockholm Sweden to London and while in Sweden I have been consulting through my own company called Skukuza AB. I am currently looking at getting involved in AR, VR and MR projects.


When I was younger I pursued a career in music alongside my design. I DJ’d, distributed music, sold production gear and owned a vinyl record store. I also explored music production in my spare time. Currently I’m interested in immersive technology.

Juan Coleman